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What we can do for you

Promote Your Business and Branding

Spread Your Message Into The Community

Increase your sales and business influence

What tools we have for it

  • Studio ATL Channel 24/7 broadcasting programs to take your ideas and branding out here.

  • An increasing number of different programs to EMPOWER, COACH and ENTERTAIN our communities. 

  • Several Fields are covered here: Business & Investment, Social Development, Politic, Medicine, Science & Technology, etc.

Web Radio. Specifically designed for our Communities.

  • a community radio to convey different types of messages among Congolese nationals spread across the world. These messages involve Social and Economic Development.

  • a more larger audience radio to reach mixed communities throuhout the world.

Audiovisuel and Event Department.

  • A Dedicated Department to make your event memorable. Save your Events and Share it the way you want it to be. 

Extra Tools.

  •, street advertising to go person-to-person aggressive way to assure your product or service is known out there.

  •, a Business Directory listing all African business operators in the Atlanta Georgia area.

The Best Personal in Town.

  • Our Team is composed of the best in the Industry among our communities.

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